In yoga we bring attention to three different aspects: Body, Breath and Mind when these three things are working together, they deepen our awareness.

You have four options available to you
1. Attend a class in person.
2. Attend an online class.

3. Create a bespoke class of friends/colleagues or family.
4. Attend a Private class. 

For Term times, costs and any other queries please email or phone 0861790303

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy can give you the time to find a fresh perspective. Sometimes we are faced with an obstacle that we have to overcome, remove or get rid of, however if we develop a therapeutic relationship of care with the obstacle it can become our greatest teacher. 

"There is an inner power of recovery and restoration at work—even up to the final moments of life. Healing is a natural gift"—Health, Healing, and Beyond by TKV Desikachar and R H Craven.

These classes allow you to step into a quieter place within and rediscover your sense of joy and are based on the principles of Yoga Therapy.


These yoga classes provide time for you to focus on what you can do to help yourself while you are going through treatment. The classes focus on movement, breath and relaxation techniques to develop awareness of your own body and how it feels that day. A respectful space is created where you can enter and leave on your own terms.

Yoga practices are based on the relationship between strength, stamina and flexibility. Sometimes the hardest place to start from is where we are right now. 

Here’s what people are saying:

Maura Mcgilligan
Connie’s special guidance has changed my life

Hatha Yoga under Connie’s expert/special guidance has changed my life. It has given me unbelievable relief from constant back pain and has taught me how to know my own body. I look forward so much to her weekly classes.

Dympna Walsh
Her therapeutic approach creates a very special atmosphere

Connie is gifted in recognising and addressing the specific needs of each person in the group. Her therapeutic approach creates a very special atmosphere in the class. The gentle stretches are effective in releasing tension and creating harmony in mind, body and breath.

Lucy mooney
Classes leave you relaxed, with a feeling of strength & freedom in your body.

Classes are very well structured and paced to suit the needs of the class. Connie spends time with each person individually ensuring that the poses suit that particular person and are being carried out in the best way for them. It’s very reassuring to know that the programme is being adapted to suit your body and abilities at that time.

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