Yoga is now engaged with scientific research on many medical issues, As an accredited yoga therapist with C-iAYT I see the value of Integrative medicine. My therapeutic approach to yoga is founded on viniyoga: see video

Peter Hersnack was an inspiring teacher, there are insightful resources on his website The art of yoga visit;

Lucy Cullen provides yoga for Active aging;

Jane Whelan is a yoga teacher who specialises in yoga classes for people with migraine:
Migraine ;

Roisi Phelan teaches yoga in Mental Health Facilities, she is an accredited teacher in Trauma sensitive yoga visit;

Jan Duffy specialises in pregnancy yoga and Doula;

Paula O’Shaughnessy is a yoga teacher who integrates her love of Feldenkrais into her classes;

Paul Bracken, yoga teacher;

Roz Flaherty is an Oncology nurse and psychotherapist email;

Mary Scarff is a psychotherapist, she has spent many dedicated hours in ARC support centre. she continues her development in Somatic experiencing;

Cancer support centres near you can help with coping strategies;

Rhona Clarkin is a psychotherapist and mediator and founder of Anu Integrative services Centre in Herbert Place, D4;

Eilis Cullen practices Mindfulness and psychotherapy;

Carolyn Sinnott is a psychotherapist and Open floor dance instructor;

Marian Dunlea is a Jungian analyst and facilitator of group;

For more qualified psychotherapists visit;

For accredited massage therapists visit: The Irish massage association: Lomi is a specific type of massage Lomi or contact Aileen Durkan
For specialised training in oncology or palliative care massage and reflexology contact:

John Doran has a broad understanding of diet and nutrition. Visit: If you are looking for information to prevent or manage lymphoedema, this leaflet provides information on self-care techniques. Lymphodema

Siobhan O’Reilly is a physiotherapist who specialises in Lymphoedema management;

Avril Craig is also highly skilled in lymphoedema management;

Yoga can have an important place in managing osteoporosis but here are important considerations to consider such as develop muscle strength and good alignment to support your bones and joints without over flexing and twisting;

If you suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or other forms of arthritis and find it difficult to manage pain please visit;

Lucy Cullen created The dancer image on the website;